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Karsten Rudolph, incadeaKarsten Rudolph
The automotive industry is one of the most complex and fastest-growing industries globally, where a business’s success depends upon its ability to proactively respond to market opportunities, increase operational efficiency, and reduce cost. As an automobile dealer, one has to remain updated with information associated with inventory, distributions, orders, and deliveries in today’s world. If these data are scattered across CRM, emails, and ERPs, manual documentation and tracking are bad ideas. And a great way to streamline these is a Dealership Management System, and incadea--a Munich headquartered software solution provider--enables automotive dealerships to manage their operations efficiently.

Inacadea is one of the world’s leading provider of software solutions and services and has several years of experience in the automotive industry and technologies, and has developed a next-generation dealership management system (DMS). incadea. dms is designed to optimise business operations and improve employee productivity. It has all standard features such as vehicle management, parts management, service management, and which. The DMS has additional import management, data exchange, reporting, finance and accounting, and marketing abilities. incadea. dms is utilised by multinational car manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and dealership networks. incadea has served over 4000 dealerships in 100 countries. It has a distinguished clientele which includes brands such as BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen. Peugeot/Citroën, MercedesBenz, Ford, and General Motors.

incadea.dms has a user-friendly interface that enables the users to perform appropriate functions on the platform according to their responsibilities.
Werner Leinauer
The DMS has several role centres that enable users to track their tasks and operate efficiently. Attention can be drawn to urgent customer-related works that increase sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Since all the relevant information regarding dealership operations are on a single platform, the workflow is optimised to save time by avoiding switching between different applications like calendar, messaging and other integrations. Employees can collaborate and improve cooperation and workflow efficiency.

Being based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. incadea.dms houses all essential ERP softwares where specific requirements of automotive retailers can be accommodated. The longstanding relationship between Microsoft and incadea is part of incadea’s business strategy to bring high-quality innovations, research, and development to the DMS platform. Users can benefit from the groundbreaking developments integrated on incadea.dms. Microsoft is steadily upgrading its Operating Systems, SQL servers, and other technologies to stay secure in today’s world. incadea.dms inherits all those security features to ensure that client data stays safe. Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central also enables integration with other Microsoft products as well as third-party applications. The new incadea.dms has a graphical user interface similar to the Microsoft Office suite and is very easy to use. New employees can be easily trained, its operations’ performance efficiency and they could perform more efficiently.

In 2017, LenGo Automotive Group was looking for a solution to improve its performance efficiency. The companies primary objective was to reduce the number of systems and maintain close relationships with DAF, Iveco, and Fiat. After deep research and evaluation, LenGo Automotive Group partnered with incadea. incadea integrated eight systems into one standard system and offers incadea.dms and truck solutions. LenGo Automotive Group utilised the solutions to manage their campaigns, payments, and staff.

incadea was recently appointed as the official certified dealer management solution by PSA Benelux to support dealers in Germany. incadea also signed a contract with Truckland Group for DMS implementation for all Netherlands and Belgium companies. incadea’s ability to streamline data exchange and improve data quality while reducing manual work has enabled it to become a customer-centric brand, and it strives to do the same for years to come.
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Karsten Rudolph and Werner Leinauer

incadea provides world-class automotive software solutions for the global automotive retail industry. The company is a global provider of automotive retail systems that help dealerships run more effectively. incadea helps clients improve their market positions through the use of state-of-the-art technology powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. incadea supports more than 4,000 dealerships across 60 leading OEMs to transform their businesses and become high performers

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