Pixelconcept : Refining the Sales Processes of Modern Dealerships

Torben Ullmann, Founder and CEO, PixelconceptTorben Ullmann, Founder and CEO
Buying a car, especially the first, is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life, and finding the perfect drive for the right price is an experience almost everyone can relate to—and the entire process almost always begins at a local car dealership. Thus, automobile dealerships find themselves extremely busy throughout the year. Furthermore, today’s digitalised practices of browsing vehicles have streamlined a consumer’s decision-making process that ultimately directs them to a dealership. And past that point, the responsibility of ensuring conversions while maximising customer experience falls in the hands of a dealership. Especially after the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, many dealerships adopted an online platform model to help streamline various workflows and compliance operations throughout the business. With an efficient, cutting-edge dealership management solution, vendors are empowered to drive maximum profits, all the while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Among the leaders in this domain is pixelconcept, a Germany-based digital car dealership software developer that helps businesses significantly enhance their overall sales and several enterprise-wide processes.

Founded in 1998, pixelconcept was established based on what Torben Ullmann, its founder and CEO, noticed when he himself intended to buy a car. “I searched for the car online and, back then, found no results that led me to a dealership,” he recalls. This incident also revealed that most dealership owners had not invested in setting up their own websites as well. In a world that was quickly moving towards digitalisation, Ullmann recognised a gap in the industry and sought to fill the void with a cutting-edge software platform that handles a business’ ecommerce processes expeditiously and cost-effectively. “pixelconcept’s all-in-one solution focuses on all the relevant building blocks in the sales workflows of a car dealership,” adds Ullmann.

The company’s solution helps clients manage vehicle inventory, leads, and customers. Every relevant sales process can be seamlessly executed, enabling car dealerships to efficiently collaborate with various integrated systems and online marketing platforms. pixelconcept’s expert team of industry professionals and software developers designed the solution to deliver maximum convenience and thus ensured to build the solution to set itself up within a few short minutes, automatically migrating all vehicle inventory information.

An impressive feature proffered by the company is its advanced image optimisation and AI-based application that streamlines the online evaluation of every vehicle in a dealer’s lot. The platform works for both the end consumer and the dealership, where an interested person can access necessary information—with complete transparency—and the car salesman can receive relevant data about the search to ensure the conversion of every online lead. The proof of concept to the company’s competencies lies in the platform’s track record of supporting 1,600 dealers, over 5,000 daily users, and an average of 600,000 vehicles annually. “Our software represents a truly end-to-end solution for both sides. The modern customer prefers a digital experience; hence a salesman, in turn, requires the data as well as process control whenever a request arrives,” explains Ullmann.

With such an intuitive solution, dealerships all over the European continent stand to gain a significant advantage in their car sales and management capabilities. pixelconcept also offers a freemium application for the entire car trade ecosystem to help businesses of all sizes—independent or otherwise—leverage some of the finest lead tracking technology and website creation tools to improve lead generation across the board. Moving forward, the company intends to increase its presence in the dealership market to an ambitious 50 percent in the coming years, all the while strengthening a dealership’s leads, inventory, and process management along the way.
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Kassel, Germany

Torben Ullmann, Founder and CEO

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"Our software represents a truly end-to-end solution for both sides. The modern customer prefers a digital experience; hence a salesman, in turn, requires the data as well as process control whenever a request arrives"

- Torben Ullmann, Founder and CEO

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